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Welcome to Angelways Spiritual School

The aim and purpose of Angelways Angel and Spiritual school is to teach others to communicate with the Angels on a regular basis.


The more we connect with God and the Angels and ask for their help, the more they are able to help us in our lives. The more we connect with the Angels, the more peace, joy, light and love we feel in our lives.


Once we have asked the Angels for their help, the trick is in “interpreting” the messages. The message will come in one of 4 different ways and this is what we teach in our workshops.

We very often block ourselves from the receiving the message, so we need to be able to recognise the signs which we get from the Angels. This can be billboards, number plates, songs on the radio and, of course, ‘little white feathers’ to let us know the Angels are around us.


The Angels are here to help us remove any fears, negative thoughts, beliefs or behaviour patterns we may have. By calling upon the Archangels, Angels and our Guardian Angels to give us the courage to make life changes, we are then able to find our Divine Life Path and Life Purpose.

They will always provide us with enough creativity, time and money to fulfil this goal.

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Home (Newsletter)


We would love you to join our Angeltalk. We send monthly newsletters with our upcoming courses, and workshops being held. We send ther bits of inspirational messages, to uplift and and inspire you.

Signing up is a little way of letting a lot of Angel light into your life, and by sharing in our message, and being a part of the Angel network. We would love to have you on board.

Home (prayers)


Affirmations & Prayers

Prayer is so powerful. What we say and think we can manifest into our lives. Everyday, just a little repititive thought can change our whole world. This is powerful, so we must use the best words to create our best environment.

I have found this prayer of Abundance a very powerful tool to keep repeating, and allow the space to create and manifest a new reality for our lives. I hope to inspire you with these prayers, and they are free, so please feel free to pass them onto others. That is the joy of abundance, and creating abundance for ourselves and others.

Read with light and love, and 5 minutes everyday saying these words.


Home (Testimonials)

Customer Testimonials

Mediumship Course

The Mediumship Course has helped me in so many ways. I really can see that I am a medium and thank you for sharing your experiences.